Umberto Lenzi

Lambrama - A/I '22-'23
Carolina - A/I '22-'23
Adler - A/I '22-'23

This is the core line of the whole concept: a medium/high-end market targeted brand for textiles that underline the tradition and the mastery of manufacturing. Natural yarns and fibers, twisted yarns, crèpe textures, sagging fabrics are all contributing to create a fashion trend that recalls craftsmanship.

Moreover, all the products are totally customisable. Using our internal industrial machines and our experience we can mix all our creation with the special ingredients of Leathertex: adding coating, foiling, prints, embossing and other texture technologies for a unique product of fashion. From Tartan squares to denim, from Prince of Wales to knitwear textured designs, to vintage washed effect, Umberto Lenzi reinterpret a whole tradition for the contemporary world of fashion, updating designs for the nowadays needs of style and market without forgetting the memory of a tradition that has to be always more and more enhanced.